About Booksyeah!

Our true goal is to introduce an affordable book and author advertising service to simplify the process of promoting published, including self published projects and to remove the stigma surrounding self-publishing, which we believe is the future of writing.

Booksyeah was created to bridge the gap between authors and readers.  In particular we are inspired by the independent author and small publishers who toil and trouble over getting noticed and selling books. We are inspired by human curiosity and the love of a good story. We understand that it is very difficult for authors to get noticed and afford advertisement. 

At Booksyeah we know that every individual has a story to tell. This belief shines through in our mission statement:

“Our mission is to re-imagine the world of writing and publishing in ways which open doors to storytellers.  Everyone’s stories deserve to be heard. ”

Booksyeah will evolve over time to bring authors closer to readers as we roll out new features and technology.  Sign up to receive our newsletter and we will keep you up to date.