Forgive Us This Day (Anniversary Edition) by BARBARA WILLIAMS

From USA TODAY review. . . "What happens after the I do's? What happens after the courtship, wedding and honeymoon celebration fades. Barbara Joe Williams pulls back the curtain on these particular lives who seem to have it all in Forgive Us This Day. Bad decisions, temptations, intentions and myriad other vices infiltrate the perfect union. Although we know what is coming, the breakdown is a painful one. The beauty of the story is also in the rebuilding of the marital foundation. Williams turns the screws on the characters' flaws and vulnerabilities that do a fantastic job to power up the tension to the very end." Michele Monkou. Alese Dean-Wayne is a happily married woman, at least she was happy when the New Year's Day started. However, her entire life is about to change over the course of this day. After receiving an anonymous message that her husband has been intimate with one of his employees, she ponders if her long-term marriage is worth saving. Michael Leron Wayne is a wealthy businessman, devoted husband, and a new father. However, he also happens to be human. After spending just one lustful night with one of his employees, he's consumed with guilt, and contemplates whether or not to confess to his doting wife. Alese and Michael Wayne have been married for fifteen years and weathered many storms together. They have forgiven each other many times before, but will each one be forgiven for this day? This is a rewritten version of the original novel published in November 2004. The special anniversary edition has more main character development and added drama for your reading pleasure.

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