Derailed by J. B. Ring

Derailed is the story of how a chance encounter with a stranger can change the course of the future. Summer Jones is living her dream of being a restaurateur. Her independent nature has led to many sexual relationships but it has always been her choice to remain emotionally detached. She enjoys the long hours she puts in at the diner and the freedom of being a single woman. She is the master of her own destiny. When a handsome man from her past shows up in her diner, her perfect world is turned upside down. After a brief encounter with him on a commuter train a few months ago, he has been the star of a recurring erotic dream that leaves her wanting. Her life gets even more complicated when a shocking murder in her quiet town leads the police to Home Sweet Diner looking for clues. The victim was in the diner hours before he was viciously attacked in broad daylight. The police rule out robbery as a motive but find him in possession of one of Summer's business cards. With no witnesses to the crime or other leads to go on the investigation is centered on a possible link between the victim and the diner's vivacious owner. Summer becomes overprotective of those closest to her, sensing something ominous is afoot, but is not convinced the murder is related to her, the diner, or her new man. Is it merely coincidence or is passion clouding her judgment? When Summer realizes she is the key, she must put herself in harm's way to save a loved one.

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