Cheri Vause

After spending twenty some years teaching theology, author, Chéri Vausé, decided to change careers. Writing Noir Mystery Thrillers (with a touch of Romance) just felt like the right thing to do. All her novels are penned on a long wooden table that once served lavish meals for her family. Now, she serves up murder and intrigue in a Noir dish, psychological terror on a icy platter. With all her children grown, she has plenty of time to write. She loves including an element of mysticism in each novel, from precognition to prophetic warnings, and making an object into a character, such as paintings, or a song. She is the author of the The Truth and Nothing but Lies, and a newly released mystery thriller series, beginning with The Night Shadow. The second in the series, The Touch of a Shadow, is available now. The third is still in the works and will be out 2016. Coming soon is The Portrait of Lilith, a Gothic thriller set on the Cornish coast in the late 1800s. It's a tale of madness, obsession, and ghosts. Cheri loves photography, and hiking with her husband and dogs. She is the mother of two sets of twins, born on the same day fourteen years apart. Presently, she lives on a small ranch in the heart of Texas with her husband and two dogs. One is a Coydog (half coyote and half Beagle) named Scully, and the other is one who limped up their driveway, "a volunteer dog," she calls him. He is a black Great Pyrenees named, Mulder, of course. "Yes," Cheri said, "they are straight out of the X-Files, but we love them. They're our furry kids."