Bermondsey Trifle by Chris Ward

“The first book in a trilogy that chronicles the lives of a group of Bermondsey gangsters” Paul and Tony Bolton are two born and bred Bermondsey brothers, who are building an empire of sex clubs in London. Paul’s life changes when he meets and falls madly in love with posh totty Emma Miller from Kingswood in Surrey. He moves to Chelsea Harbour and starts to enjoy the trappings of his success. Mad Tony stays in Bermondsey and continues his own personal crusade of armed robberies, murder and torture. Richard Philips and Jack Coombs are Essex gangsters who have a Pub Security business, a chain of Brothels and the supply of AK47 Assault Rifles to fellow gangsters as a side line. The four villains are inextricably drawn together in a web of violence, deceit and passion. Mixed in with this is a gang of Albanian ex Special Forces killers who arrive in the UK intent on revenge for the murder of one of their countryman. The Met Police CID at Rotherhithe nick are determined to clean up their manor. DC’s Jeff Swann and Karen Foster are hot on the trail of a cop killer whilst trying to get enough evidence to send local villains down for a long stretch. The action switches from HM Prison Belmarsh to Bermondsey to Torremolinos in Spain, grisly murders, excruciatingly hideous torture, love, passion and tears; an action packed thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout this great read. “ACTION PACKED THROUGHOUT”

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