Pharaoh's Gold: The Aten Sequence 1 by Cynthia Marsh

So what does an immortal space being who thinks he’s a god do when he runs out of fuel and gets stuck on a remote, primitive planet called Earth? Not willing to call home to get help, Aten sets out on a series of haphazardly planned adventures trying to find the gold he needs to make more fuel to get him back to where he wants to be – conquering the universe with his evil Uncle Lucie. Having decided the Temple of Karnak in Ancient Egypt would be the easiest place to get into and steal from, Aten sets out to inveigle his way into the lives of Pharaoh’s family and loyal courtiers so he can get at the gold. But Aten totally underestimates the magical skills of the Egyptians and their determination to keep their sacred treasures safe, especially the skills and power of the mighty high priest Neferhotep. But of course none of his mistakes and failures is Aten’s fault. As far as he’s concerned the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of his hapless travelling companions; Luke a teenager from the 21st century, the half dog man Druitt and the fiery Galasian beauty Tuy. So will this strangely assorted band of space travellers manage to break into the temple and steal the gold? Or will they be stuck in Ancient Egypt forever, learning to live an entirely different kind of life? Suitable for young adults and kids of all ages, ‘Pharaoh’s Gold’ is the first part of the Aten Sequence - fun YA science fantasy adventures for readers from all parts of the universe!

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