Nothing Left Sacred by Daniel Diehl

Ravenswood Publishing proudly announces the release of Daniel Diehl’s epic historical novel NOTHING LEFT SACRED, a nail-biting account of greed, revenge and political corruption. As conspiratorial as The DaVinci code and as taught as a John Grisham political thriller. In 1525 England’s King Henry VIII was outraged when Pope Clement VII refused to grant him a divorce from his wife of 18 years, Katherine of Aragon. The result of Henry’s fury was a decade-long war against the church and his own people which led to the destruction of England’s entire religious structure and claimed the lives of 150,000 English men and women. Nothing Left Sacred carries the reader from the pomp and splendor of Henry VII’s glittering and corrupt royal court to the seldom-glimpsed resistance network created by the common people and the monastic community who defied Henry's greed and lust for power. The struggle between these opposing forces takes the reader on a twisting, panic-filled journey of dark political paranoia not found in an historical novel since Umberto Ecco's 'The Name of the Rose'. A must read for all lovers of history and mystery.

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