Tales From the Tower of London by Daniel Diehl

Serving as both a palace and a prison, the Tower of London has been at the center of more intrigue, terror and crucial turning points in history than any other site in England. Authors Diehl & Donnelly take us behind the grim, grey walls which circumscribe England's greatest fortress to discover true stories of some of the rebels, rogues, despots, lovers, spies and conmen who lived or were held captive there, and whose various, strange fates have added to the Tower's sinister reputation. It is a place where court intrigues, clandestine liaisons, gruesome tortures and grisly executions took place with frightening regularity. Tales from the Tower of London is more than a factual history of a great building; it is storytelling at its best. The fifteen stories in this book are made all the more poignant by the fact that they are all true and focus on individuals, royal and common, good and bad, heroic and villainous, who lived, loved, plotted and died there. The characters you will meet here include William the Conqueror, King Richard II and the forlorn 'Princes in the Tower', Wat Tyler, Lady Jane Grey, Guy Fawkes, Colonel Thomas Blood, Henry Laurens and Sir Roger Casement, to name but a few. Whether you are a lover of history, adventure, intrigue and romance or just appreciate a ripping good adventure, you will find Tales from the Tower of London a classic page turner.

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