SKYMERGE by Deepak Menon

Skymerge was followed by SKYSPLITTER AND SPACEVASION having the same principal protagonist and both received 5 Star Reviews! SKYMERGE Reviewed by Lorena Sanqui for Readers' Favorite When a comet was found to be headed straight for a collision with the planet Kriel, two spacecraft were created to save selected people who would propagate the race wherever they landed. One of the spacecraft landed on Rukana and the other on planet Earth. A bracelet and a scroll with some weird symbols on it were given to the commander of each ship. On planet Earth a million years later, two anthropologists find the bracelet and the scroll. Together with John Kriel, a multimillionaire author, they spend years trying to decipher what the bracelet and the scroll mean. On the other hand, a great flood devastated the whole of Rukana, and for a few years Ruhan and Karala think they are the only survivors. How will the bracelet change the course of the lives of these two sets of people in Skymerge by Deepak Menon? Deepak Menon is a very creative writer with a vivid imagination. He created an exceptional setting and excellent characters in Skymerge. All the scenes were portrayed well and reading it was enjoyable; it was like being on the adventure myself. It was written simply and clearly. The battle scenes in Soh-na were done really well; I can almost see and hear the cannons. I love the way Rukana and the complex were described, with all the high tech gadgets and teleportation devices. The characters are fun, strong-minded and believable. The plot of the story made me keep guessing and I loved all the surprises that sprang up while reading. The ending was not a cliff-hanger, but I think there might be a sequel so I’m looking forward to the next book if there is one.

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