30:The Dragonfly Catcher by Jacqueline Rainey

“To be naive and view the world so differently than those around you; I wouldn’t call it blissful just child-like. It was a state of mind that carried through up into my womanhood and my expectations of what the world would offer up to me. My beautiful family and I are contenders not to be taken lightly in this world of family birth-rights with the looks and skills and talent to match, but we are plagued by continued disappointments one after another.” Love is a splendid thing when you can find it, but sometimes sex with a stranger can be more eye opening. Be careful when seeking validation in a state of desperation because when the true you comes to the surface you may not like what you see. In desperate moment CaSandra tried to escape her unhappiness by swallowing a handful of pills, but instead of escaping the world she no longer wanted to be in she finally found what she was looking for after ending up in a hospital emergency room. My character CaSandra in 30:The Dragonfly Catcher is very real I should know because there are times when I am writing and creating my quirky misfit characters that I cut open a vein and watch as the stories flow and drip down my fingers. See even now I can't stifle the writer which resides within me. I invite you to take a look inside the mind of woman who doesn't even know who she is, but yet somehow she is clear enough to give herself another name and even kill; dear readers I introduce to you CaSandra of 30TheDragonflyCatcher. Available: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Google Play and Wavecloud and Print.

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