Toni's Blues "Special Reivsed Edition" by Jacqueline Rainey

Toni's Blues update: A lot of you may not know that I am no longer with the publishers of my first three books and it had a lot to do with the quality of what was put forth of my second book Toni's Blues. No need to go into details, but I will say that there were a number of errors found and I requested that it be pulled from sales while I worked soulfully to create a Special Revised Edition for the readers coming early 2015. Not only has the text been revised, but there will also be a new book cover and video created to celebrate a book that was at times painful to write, but also gave me much joy because I believed that I was showing others who had suffered and experienced the horrors of Domestic Violence to hang on and have hope and a renewed faith. That is what Toni's Blues is about; I have heard repeatedly that the pain and emotions that Toni is experiencing comes through loud and clear in my words. That was no accident every word was written purposely and every tear I shed while writing was cleansing. Even though the words were jumbled the message of Toni's Blues was still received loud and clear by those who read the story of a woman named Toni who was looking for love and choosing the wrong men. I have no doubt that readers of the original and those of the new Special Revised Edition will still feel every heart breaking word that leaves Toni's mouth as she writes her story of heartache and abuse while searching for love on the walls of her living room using Bible verses. *THE CURRENT COPY THAT IS BEING SOLD IS NOT BEING SOLD BY ME THE AUTHOR AND IS FILLED WITH ERRORS.

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