THE DAMNED by Kristy Berridge

Life for Elena Manory skipped past ordinary just over a month ago. Discovering she was born a practically invulnerable vampire-werewolf hybrid was shocking enough; but she's also become a target, hunted by an Alpha werewolf known as Roshan, who's fixated on the properties of her unique blood and the pleasurable possibilities of her flesh. Moving to the Institute of Magical Intervention in Romania was supposed to provide her with protection and anonymity, but Elena soon realises her enemies are legion. No one is who they seem, no agenda truly without nefarious intentions. A strange twist of fate and the actions of a vampire previously pressing for her affections lead Elena into the arms of another; one whose middle name spells trouble. Himself a vampire, Sebastian is handsome, arrogant and perplexingly familiar. He introduces Elena to a world she never thought possible, uncovers a past she believed buried, and unearths a future she may not survive. William shivered at my touch. The unexpected taste of blood jolted me back to my senses, my eyes flying open as William's fangs sliced through my lower lip. My sweet essence drained as we kissed, blood mingling in our mouths, a delectable torment that I could only think of as dangerous. William lifted his face from mine; his eyes were shimmering obsidian depths containing a new kind of hunger.

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