Lee Earlywine

I am ...over 60 ... 64, if you must know :) ...and I spent many years of my life overseas. I know a little bit about war and conflict...and the intelligence "game". As McKenzie says in A Wintering of Evil; The Pandora Affair... "If only the Intelligence Game were as easy to grasp as smoke." Reading has always been a passion...and now writing is... One advantage to having survived these 64 years...are a head full of memories. Many are good ones. Funny memories...those life-affirming moments with brothers when madness flees in the face of laughter....and those are moments that become very special. I think of them. I think of so many whose names I never knew and I remember those who have always stood for the nation...from its earliest days breaking loose of Great Britain...through all of the years since...and today...our young people serving our nation in so many ways...because they have chosen to do so. And if you happen by this place: http://gsc-game.com/index.php?t=community&s=forums&offset=420 You might just find a virtual Bar...now called Zoners and Loners Bar...(formerly...it was Siro's Bar before Siro went home to Russia....) click on Stalker;Shadow of Chernobyl/General... look at the bar Thread and the hits to the left@ 3.3million. I think what we do at this forum including my writing short stories...the novels...must be striking a chord, do ya think? :})