A Wintering of Evil Part Two by Lee Earlywine

“A Wintering of Evil; The Pandora Affair”, Book One 704pgs. Book Two720pgs. By Lee Earlywine My Science Fiction story blends elements of espionage, Russian politics, intelligence, action, historical fact and cutting-edge science and technology. The main story-line is set within and around the 4,300 sq. kilometers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Moscow is another specific plot location, as is the play of brutal power-politics behind closed doors. At stake is control of Russia as well as control of genetic research in the Exclusion Zone. This research springs from the DNA taken from an ancient predator that predates Mankind's emergence by nearly four million years, the Krailiaki. The Krailiaki are a vicious, brutal species. They are intelligent and arrogant, convinced of their superiority. They shun technology and hunt humans like an African lion hunting gazelle. For nearly two million years, the Krailiaki's preferred prey has been humans. As Mankind's technology and weaponry becomes more advanced, these predators are forced into hiding, a bitter pill for all Krailiaki. But now, the Krailiaki race is about to declare war on the humans of the Exclusion Zone. Only the law of the gun ultimately prevails in this land... Welcome to the world of the Zone. Part One On April 25-26, 1986, a test of Plant # 4's reactor core at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Facility led to the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history. Many factors, from faults in the reactor design...to repeated human errors...began a cascade of events that are still felt today in the Ukraine and elsewhere. Residents in what became the Exclusion Zone were allowed to take only what they could carry, assured they would be allowed back once the crisis passed. No-one was ever allowed back, leaving towns, villages, small cities and larger centers such as Pripyat, full of salvageable items to trade or sell for money. Then, there are enormously valuable items known as “artifacts”. Contained inside the military-patrolled borders of "The Zone"...is a world of speculation, misinformation and the unknown. It is a savage place... where criminals of all stripes, bandits, mercenaries, heavily-armed militant Factions and others...vie for control...for money....for survival. The Russian Military has another name for the Zone, a very apt one. The Zone of Alienation. Mutation has altered and changed the creatures within the Zone, producing deadly mutants, both above ground and below. Anomalous areas create strange artifacts worth small fortunes on the black markets of Europe. Endowed with differing properties across a wide spectrum of effects, many of these artifacts are deadly in their own right. Along the Southern Boundary are the 5 South Zone Settlements, anything-goes boom-towns where fortunes are made and lost every day. Towns where all men go armed, many dressed in Zone Suits. This is normal for Zoners. Inside the Boundary, every type of criminal is to be found. Mercenaries, arms dealers and smugglers and others also call the Zone home. Intelligence agencies have also come to the Zone in force. These covert agencies have brought their own agendas and ruthlessly pursue them with every tool at their disposal, from bribery and intimidation...to outright murder. There is a great prize to be had...the secrets of an on-going, massive covert operation...Pandora, a secret project aimed at creating biological weapons through genetic manipulation. Those who control Pandora, control a path to untold riches and power. There are others, such as Jarrod McKenzie, the sworn enemy of General Nikolai Petrosky, commander of Pandora. These bitter foes are maneuvering towards a final showdown that will change the face of power in the Zone. Now another player has appeared. An intelligent species that predates mankind and whose preferred prey is humans. The Krailiaki race, vicious predators that have been pushed into hiding with the rise of Mankind to dominance on the planet are going to strike back. They are going to wage war on the humans of the Zone. Part Two A deadly conflict is primed to erupt into open warfare. On the one side, General Nikolai Petrosky, commander of the vast, secret Pandora operation. Nearly all of Pandora lies deep underground below the Zone. The brutal and murderous Petrosky’s rule over Pandora is protected by rich, powerful and corrupt men back in Moscow. Men on whom Petrosky holds extensive and damaging files he uses to ensure their support and protection. But Petrosky’s hated enemy, Jarrod McKenzie, has resources and allies of his own and is ready when General Petrosky initiates a major military operation at a former KGB River Base. The battle is joined when something unforeseen happens…a full-scale attack by the Krailiaki in numbers not believed possible. 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