Angel by M.J. Kingston

If you’re going to fulfil your destiny – first find out what it is… Everyone loves Sammy O. The wife of an up-and-coming MP on a tiny Island in the Atlantic, her husband on the verge of becoming Prime Minister. The woman who cares. The woman to whom everyone turns. Except her husband who, before her very eyes, is becoming a different man: colder, more distant, less hers. Then Sam and her friend Chrissie discover half a million dollars in bearer bonds in a shoe box under the bed of a recently-demised local drunk. And the quest to find out more leads her deeper into her own community, and into temptation: another woman; the widowed local doctor; and the attractive but dangerous musician, Juan Gonzales. And Sam, who has never even thought of being unfaithful, finds herself teetering on the brink. Most of all, it draws her into a confrontation with the demons of her own past, and even her feelings about her oldest friends – more famous, more successful than she. Suddenly, her world falling apart, “Sammy O who cares” just wants to care about herself. Until the little community she’s grown to love is threatened by catastrophe. And then, with thousands of lives in her hands, Sam is faced by a simple, stark choice. Life or death. Selfishness - or duty. And, finally, her destiny -

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