Tunnels by P.S. Winn

Nikki has just found out her estranged father has contacted a mysterious illness and is close to death. Rushing to her father's house Nikki soon finds out a whole lot more. Nikki's father always had a dream to find a way to open worm like tunnels to other worlds and alternate realities. Nikki finds out that not only has her dad done that but he has been in them and that was how he got sick. Now Nikki joins the team who has to travel through those tunnels in a race against time to find a cure for Nikki's dad. Along the way the team finds some interesting things not of this world a a few things of this world they can't believe, like why is the Government wanting to take the tunnel from them in order to find a weapon of mass destruction they can use. This epic adventure combines sci-fi, supernatural and spiritual as wondrous other worlds and alternate realities are found. Who knows what lies out there?

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