Paul Jameson

Paul Jameson was born on a copper mine in Zambia in 1969. It was a mistake which sets the scene for much of his life. This may account for his strange tales... His parents were from Liverpool and his early years were spent in Africa and the UK. Most recently he spent ten years in Perth, Australia, with his wife and children, but in 2009 it just felt right to return to England. Until recently writing was fitted in between work, gigs, kids and automobiles, but in 2012 fate conspired to make Paul chase his dreams. He has been forced to focus on the trials of being diagnosed with mental health issues and writing has been his release. He has completed his first historical novel and started the sequel, being circulated with literary agents, and returned to writing short stories, a blog and discovered flash fiction. Over the years much of his work, short stories predominantly, have won awards or featured in magazines and compilations. As such, he felt it time to dust off a few and give them an airing together in this compilation.