Requiem for Sherlock Holmes by Paul Stuart Hayes

Sherlock Holmes returns in five enthralling cases, written in an authentic style, and remain faithful to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original stories. Each tale in Requiem for Sherlock Holmes adds new layers to the legend of the great detective and his loyal companion. In the novella Sherlock Holmes and the Ancestral Horror, the discovery of a body at the family home results in Holmes' father being arrested for murder, which in turn impels a reluctant Holmes to venture homeward to prove his father's innocence and clear the family name. However, the fractious relationship between father and son makes the case doubly a challenge. Will they be able to put aside age-old hostilities and find the true culprit before the accused has his date at the gallows pole? After decades of forced absence, Holmes returns to his childhood home, in the process unlocking long-repressed feelings which force him to confront his troubled past and threaten to expose his darkest secrets. The collection also contains the short stories The Devil is in the Detail, The Montague Secret, The Lazarus Trap and The Penitent Man, in which Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson pit their wits against their deadliest foes, culminating in a sea journey for Watson which takes an extraordinary turn that could solve the most fabled of mysteries.

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