Hypnagogic Shifters: Superposition by Penelope Fernandez

All of humanity will never fly, but a few men will get wings. Blaz Kruger is a wingless man, leading a meaningless life, until his path intersects with a bizarre character who goes by the name of Cain. Plucked from the membrane of normality and dragged into the heart of chaos, Blaz embarks on an astounding journey, which eventually transforms his soul. Cain forces Blaz to endure a series of grueling psychological assessments. Beguiled by Cain’s deceptive words, Blaz is driven to the edge of sanity. As he struggles to maintain cognitive equilibrium, he runs into his friend Leone Ryder, a geneticist. Leone has a terrifying idea, which could alter the fate of humanity. Blaz is soon entangled in a twisted situation, challenging both his moral fiber and intellectual core. He learns that evil and good have many faces, but none are black or white. Hypnagogic Shifters: Superposition is an elegant science-fiction novel packed with fascinating ideas that have been artistically woven into the fabric of the story-line. The book worms itself into the psyche of the reader and will keep readers contemplating long after the last page has been read. Through the mind of Blaz, it explores the philosophical conundrums accompanying human evolution, such as the dilemmas of morality, free-will, destiny, and the purpose of existence.

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