Roderick Roach by Vinicio Murillo

Roderick Roach is an average eleven-year-old student at Wentworth Academy, an exclusive school for children with superpowers, and is best friends with the world-famous Ezra Stone. Rod has the power of invisibility, but his popular friend can manipulate blue fire. Ezra receives massive fame when he saves the school from a powerful menace; Rod meanwhile stands in Ezra's shadow, hoping one day to become a famous hero like his powerful friend. Then one day Rod gets the chance of a lifetime: when the school is under attack from a wicked dragon, he has the only magic sword strong enough to destroy it. The professors are in a panic, Ezra is not around, and Rod only has his sword and his friends to help him. Does he have what it takes to destroy a dragon that's as tall as the mountains and has a craving for humans?

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