Roderick Roach

Roderick Roach by Vinicio Murillo

Roderick Roach is an average eleven-year-old student at Wentworth Academy, an exclusive school for children with superpowers, and is best friends with the world-famous Ezra Stone. Rod has the power of invisibility, but his popular friend can manipulate blue fire. Ezra receives massive fame when he saves the school from a powerful menace; Rod meanwhile stands in Ezra's shadow, hoping one day to become a famous hero like his powerful friend.

No More Eggnog

No More Eggnog by Alex Bjelica

Down in a valley live a frog and a dog. The frog’s name is Pog and the dog’s name is Og. They live on a log floating in a muddy bog. The bog lay in a valley full of fog. Visit Og and Pog in the muddy foggy bog and they’ll share a cup of delicious eggnog! Released on DEC 1, 2015 Pre-order on Amazon for Kindle now!

Car Guts

Car Guts by Melody Bremen

Twelve-year-old Beatrice Tanner is homeless. Her mom’s in a psych ward and her dad’s in jail. But the social worker finds her dad’s brother living in a remote Texas town and he’s agreed to take her in. He’s nothing like her father, they say. Meet Uncle Kyle. A mechanic in a cowboy hat. He grunts. Sometimes, he says, “Yep.” Mostly, he’s under a car. Is this her life for the next six years? There’s a big dilapidated barn out back. Beatrice hears strange, moaning sounds and sees flashes of light coming from inside. Uncle Kyle tells her to stay out of there. She doesn’t.

The Number Book

The Number Book by P.S. Winn

The second book in the preschool series, the number book uses rhyming words and fun pictures to teach children their first ten numbers. This can be read to the children and reads like a song so it is easy and fun for young ones to learn the numbers they will need to start out with.

The Alphabet Book

The Alphabet Book by P.S. Winn

The Alphabet book is the fun rhyming way to teach preschoolers their Alphabet. A is for Apple, big and red. B is for Bear, his name is Ted, begins the happy reading. Like learning a song this book makes it fun and easy for young ones to learn the all important alphabet to get a head start on reading. As an added bonus the paperback is an 8 x 10 color book. Kids can learn while coloring the fun pictures.

The Secret Life of Goats

The Secret Life of Goats by P.S. Winn

When Ellie K. takes care of her goats, she learns a secret about them. Amazed, she knows this is one secret that has to be kept. Children will love this early reader with its rhyming words and cute pictures. Whether the children read on their own or have a loved one read to them the ending is fun and the book reads like a song, which makes it easy to remember.

No, Jimmy, No

No, Jimmy, No by P.S. Winn

No, Jimmy, No is an early reader. The fun rhyming words and cute pictures will keep children entertained. Whether they are just starting to read or having this cute book read to them, it is a book they will love to have. There is a moral about why you have to hear NO, but the story is such fun children will learn it without even knowing they are learning.

Mary-Ellen O'Keefe's Word-Speaking Diet

Mary-Ellen O'Keefe's Word-Speaking Diet by Tom E. Neely

Mary-Ellen O'Keefe is a smart and happy little girl who loves to talk, sing, ask questions, and generally speak her mind. That is, until her first day of school where the unfamiliarity of a new and different environment makes her nervous and shy and causes her to go on an unexpected and very unusual "Word-Speaking Diet". - "This is strange! It’s not normal! Mary-Ellen's never quiet!


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