Help-I Gotta Cook!: 365 recipes from all over the world

Help-I Gotta Cook!: 365 recipes from all over the world by Ed Dugan

It wasn't named Cookbook of the Year for nothing! The 365 recipes are like taking a trip around the world plus looking back at the 19th Century immigration wave. Old recipes, new recipes, and the stories preceding each one are both entertaining and educational. Not your ordinary cookbook by a long shot!

Medieval & Renasissance Furniture

Medieval & Renasissance Furniture by Daniel Diehl

Plans & Instructions for historical reproductions. 36 woodworking projects for recreating historic benches, chairs, tables, cupboards, chests, shelves, beds and doors, all done with simple woodworking tools. Detailed plans based on careful study and measurement of original pieces or accurate reproductions. Step-by-step instructions, materials lists and notes on woodworking, metalworking and finishing.

Medieval Celebrations (2nd edition)

Medieval Celebrations (2nd edition) by Daniel Diehl

Your guide to planning and hosting spectacular medieval feasts, parties, weddings and Renaissance fairs. Recreate the days of brave knights, fair maidens and merry friars with this revised and expanded guide to planning and hosting your very own medieval celebration. Includes: calendar of medieval holidays, medieval manners for hosts and guests, menus and recipes for a sumptuous feast, decorating the dining hall, patterns for recreating authentic medieval costumes, rules for medieval games, music and dances, mummers plays, renaissance fairs, weddings, holiday celebrations.

The Wreath Recipe Book

The Wreath Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis

From the authors of the widely popular Flower Recipe Book,and in the same successful format, The Wreath Recipe Book provides 100 “recipes” to make with flowering and leafy branches. These aren’t just evergreens for Christmas—the book is organized seasonally, with dozens of projects to make throughout the year.In the spring, a cherry blossom bough gets a touch of whimsy with a colorful ribbon, and a tabletop is adorned with lilacs and olive branches. In the summer, a garland features sage with pomegranates and citrus-colored strawflowers.
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