City of London Freemen's Boarder 1964

City of London Freemen's Boarder 1964 by Chris Ward

This is the true story of how a nine year old boy survived his years at a prestigious Surrey Boarding School from 1964 to 1972. Apple Pies, Electric Shocks, Sadistic Prefects this book has it all! Why were Michael and friends in Epsom Station at 3am in the morning when he should have been tucked up in bed at Philip House. Find out what really use to go on in a mixed Boarding School. Funny, Sad, Exciting, Thought Provoking and without question very entertaining.

Help-I Gotta Retire: Enjoy an incredible lifestyle on less than $35,000 a year!

Help-I Gotta Retire: Enjoy an incredible lifestyle on less than $35,000 a year! by Ed Dugan

The recent real estate debacle and Great Recession left a lot of retirement plans completely demolished. The key to your retirement lifestyle often depends on how much money you have to spend each month. This book will show you how to have a wonderful retirement on a minimal budget, as proven by the author's ten years experience doing just that. Even if money is not a problem with you, the lifestyle this book lays out can't be beat!

Nonprofit Growth: Fundraising for Today, Strategies for Tommorow

Nonprofit Growth: Fundraising for Today, Strategies for Tommorow by Ed Dugan

This book belongs on the shelf of every development officer, nonprofit executive and governing board member. It tells the reader what it takes to develop a real strategic plan and then how to raise the money to support it. In 40 years the author never failed to make a fundraising goal. Find out why and how! With the book you get a Free Supplement on developing a New Approach to Planned Giving.

Apparition Atlas: The Ghost Hunter's Travel Guide to Haunted America

Apparition Atlas: The Ghost Hunter's Travel Guide to Haunted America by Daniel Diehl

★APPARITION ATLAS – THE GHOST HUNTER’S GUIDE TO HAUNTED AMERICA ★ by Mark Donnelly and Daniel Diehl. Have you ever had an encounter with a ghost? Would you like proof that the deceased continue to visit the world of the living? Do you have the courage to stand face-to-face with visitors from the afterlife? ‘Apparition Atlas: The Ghost Hunter’s Travel Guide to Haunted America’ provides seekers of truth with a definitive guide to more than 200 publicly accessible, verified haunted locations in all fifty states.

The Big Book of Pain

The Big Book of Pain by Daniel Diehl

For millennia, mankind has devised ingenious and diabolical means of inflicting pain on fellow human beings. This deplorable but seemingly universal trait has eaten away at humanity’s very claim to civilization. Despite how repugnant the practice of torture appears to us today, for at least 3,000 years it formed part of most legal codes throughout Europe and the Far East. The ‘Big book of Pain’ is an exploration of the systematic use of various means of punishment, torture, coercion and torment.

Medieval & Renasissance Furniture

Medieval & Renasissance Furniture by Daniel Diehl

Plans & Instructions for historical reproductions. 36 woodworking projects for recreating historic benches, chairs, tables, cupboards, chests, shelves, beds and doors, all done with simple woodworking tools. Detailed plans based on careful study and measurement of original pieces or accurate reproductions. Step-by-step instructions, materials lists and notes on woodworking, metalworking and finishing.

Medieval Celebrations (2nd edition)

Medieval Celebrations (2nd edition) by Daniel Diehl

Your guide to planning and hosting spectacular medieval feasts, parties, weddings and Renaissance fairs. Recreate the days of brave knights, fair maidens and merry friars with this revised and expanded guide to planning and hosting your very own medieval celebration. Includes: calendar of medieval holidays, medieval manners for hosts and guests, menus and recipes for a sumptuous feast, decorating the dining hall, patterns for recreating authentic medieval costumes, rules for medieval games, music and dances, mummers plays, renaissance fairs, weddings, holiday celebrations.

Inventors & Impostors

Inventors & Impostors by Daniel Diehl

Ravenswood Publishing is proud to announce the release their latest nonfiction title ‘INVENTORS & IMPOSTORS: A SORDID HISTORY OF UNVENTION AND IMITATION’ by Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly. What if everything you learned in school about the heroes of science, technology and invention was a lie? What if Tom Edison didn’t invent the light bulb? What if the Wright brothers weren’t the first men to fly? What if Marconi didn’t invent the radio, or Watt the steam engine, or Bell the telephone, or Henry ford the production line?

How to Write Short Stories That Sell

How to Write Short Stories That Sell by Jane Bettany

If you want to write fiction, then short stories are a great place to start. This book will help you to find ideas and teach you all the essential elements of short story writing. It covers plot and structure, conflict, dialogue, characterisation, settings, description, tense, viewpoint, flashback, and more. You'll also learn about one of the most important steps in the writing process: editing. How to Write Short Stories That Sell includes writing and editing exercises, and short story examples.


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