Angel by M.J. Kingston

If you’re going to fulfil your destiny – first find out what it is… Everyone loves Sammy O. The wife of an up-and-coming MP on a tiny Island in the Atlantic, her husband on the verge of becoming Prime Minister. The woman who cares. The woman to whom everyone turns. Except her husband who, before her very eyes, is becoming a different man: colder, more distant, less hers. Then Sam and her friend Chrissie discover half a million dollars in bearer bonds in a shoe box under the bed of a recently-demised local drunk.

100 days of solitude

100 days of solitude by Daphne Kapsali

A personal journey that inadvertently became an alternative self-help guide to doing what you love and living as your true self – whoever that might turn out to be. "100 days of solitude" is inspiring hundreds of people to seek out and claim the space they need to find themselves and live the life they want.

Dark Tales II

Dark Tales II by Paul Jameson

From the fun of circus ride and a love of gold to a meal for two and a 'Votta-Vokky', 'Dark Tales II' is a collection of 13 contemporary short stories and flash fiction by UK-based author Paul Jameson. Whether humorous, strange or uplifting, there is an undercurrent of darkness that always makes you think...


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