Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come by Mark Collington

In the distant future, the world has been reconstructed into the Realms, controlled by a mysterious unseen entity called Kingdom. Jasper Montague-Smythe, a private detective in the 1930s L.A. Realm, is struggling with a stack of clients and a growing caseload. As he juggles disappearances, blackmail, kidnapping, and murder, he also finds himself custodian of a woman who doesn’t belong in his Realm. Drugged and confused, she needs his help. Can he afford to take the time? Can he really afford not to? Yet an even larger problem looms: Kingdom’s Enforcers have started disappearing.

And I Love Her

And I Love Her by Suzanne Elliott

PART ONE Hong Kong, 1859 Ralph heard the whispering outside his door. They were wondering whether or not to wake him, as if they believed he were a baby. He’d just turned five and was old enough to understand what the word ‘dead’ meant. He didn’t know why they were talking about it in the same sentence as his father, though. He wished Papa would come home so he could explain it to him. He clutched on to the toy soldier his Aunt Caroline had sent him for his birthday and scrunched his eyes closed.

The Quite Polite Revolution

The Quite Polite Revolution by M.J. Kingston

The year is 1987. Laura Collingwood and Josie Bracken are proper Londoners, with jobs and rent bills and season-ticket loans, and everything. They’re happy. They haven’t thought much about anything, other than their lives as they are now – in London. But then a series of circumstances conspire to change that. A mugging. Laura’s book being published. A reunion. A hurricane. A Stock Market Crash. And, suddenly, by means they don’t entirely comprehend, Laura and Josie are wealthy. And they finally have the means to face the greatest challenge they have yet encountered.


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