Bermondsey Trifle

Bermondsey Trifle by Chris Ward

“The first book in a trilogy that chronicles the lives of a group of Bermondsey gangsters” Paul and Tony Bolton are two born and bred Bermondsey brothers, who are building an empire of sex clubs in London. Paul’s life changes when he meets and falls madly in love with posh totty Emma Miller from Kingswood in Surrey. He moves to Chelsea Harbour and starts to enjoy the trappings of his success. Mad Tony stays in Bermondsey and continues his own personal crusade of armed robberies, murder and torture.

Driven to Kill

Driven to Kill by Chris Ward

A compelling crime thriller that concludes the three books. The action switches from London to Kazakhstan as Michael Fletcher desperately tries to get his life back after a major catastrophe. Detective Inspector Karen Foster still can’t sort out her private life as she continues a relationship with a French liaison officer from the Police Nationale. There is mayhem and murder committed by two young thugs in the local areas of Epsom and Leatherhead. Foster and her sidekick Mick Hill, are chasing shadows as the thugs are not only ruthless, but extremely clever.

Blue Cover Up

Blue Cover Up by Chris Ward

DI Karen Foster is still battling with her private life; booze and sex have always been the issue and that hasn’t changed. Karen is in a steady relationship with Simon but then a beautiful French Police Liaison Officer Esme turns-up and muddies the water, couple that with the black man mountain Friday, and Karen is back in private turmoil. All is quiet in leafy Surrey and then a young man walks into Epsom Police Station, an incident that sets off an explosive chain of events that sees Karen pitting her wits against senior Metropolitan police officers involved in a monstrous cover up.

Serial Killer

Serial Killer by Chris Ward

Karen Foster has left the Metropolitan Police and Joined Surrey Police as a Detective Inspector working out of Epsom Police Station. Her partner Chau persuaded her to leave Bermondsey for a quieter life in leafy Surrey. Karen hoped she had left behind the bloody deaths, the horrific torture and the bloodthirsty gangsters. Karen has a blissful introduction to Surrey policing and is enjoying the summer weather and the beautiful scenery. Then the unthinkable happens as a serial killer strikes and creates terror throughout Surrey.

Return to Bermondsey

Return to Bermondsey by Chris Ward

RETURN TO BERMONDSEY Following on from the best-selling original Bermondsey Trilogy. Paul Bolton and Lexi suffer a major family catastrophe, are they strong enough to cope with that and a serious threat to their business empire? Real characters in a taut gritty Bermondsey crime epic that shouts from the rooftops. DI Karen Foster is seconded back to Bermondsey from Surrey Police to help with a crime epidemic created by two drug barons from Essex. Karen is also fighting the bottle and falling in love again, or is it just the hard sex she craves.

Bermondsey The Final Act

Bermondsey The Final Act by Chris Ward

We are back on the mean streets of South East London for the concluding part in the trilogy. The action is unrelenting and again once you have started reading you will not be able to put the book down! Tony Bolton and Richard Philips are back on the streets of London, they leave a trail of blood and death in their path as they seek payback from Tony’s brother Paul. If anyone is stupid enough to get in their way they are dealt with ruthlessly and without compromise. Paul has found blissful new love following the death of Emma.

Bermondsey Prosecco

Bermondsey Prosecco by Chris Ward

A must read Gangster Thriller that will leave you breathless and gasping for more. The sequel to Bermondsey Trifle. Mad Tony is tucked up in Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital, and Gangster Richard Philips is in the Scrubs. Paul Bolton is trying to get over the death of his beloved Emma and wants to take the business Legit. Police officers Foster and Swan are fighting a gang of ruthless woman traffickers who kill and torture people for fun. There is violence, sex and passion aplenty, a real rollercoaster of action that doesn't stop from page one to the end.

The Touch of a Shadow

The Touch of a Shadow by Cheri Vause

THE TOUCH OF A SHADOW - PROLOGUE 1943, Columbia University, New York It began as an idea, only an idea, but a beautiful one, dazzling and brilliant in its conception, like a flash of lightning crossing the heavens and landing on earth. There was no feeling or attachment to it, no perception other than seeing the moral rightness of a profound commitment, an unfettered faith to it, something to which you could offer sacrifices… She was quite beautiful, though, that girl in his history class, a photographer's delight.


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