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February 20, 2015

About this project

And they lived happily ever after…or whatever…The End. 

You have finally finished writing your new breakthrough novel and are about to open the bottle of wine you were saving for the occasion.  The jubilation lasts up until about the time you begin thinking about getting it published and what to do next.  These days authors have a couple of ways to approach publishing.  Submitting your manuscript to a publishing company or self-publish.

The biggest difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing is the way a book is marketed.  Publishing companies have vast networks and processes for marketing books and you likely do not.  Therefore, you will need a good marketing plan. 

The marketing plan should do two things.  It should promote you as an author and market your book for sale.  A healthy marketing strategy includes building up excitement for your book, creating a network of potential customers/fans and then of course sell many many many many copies of your book.

"But I don’t want to market!I want to write books!"

Ok we hear you.  You will need someone to manage your ad campaign.  That’s what we do at

"I don’t have a huge marketing budget!"

No but you set aside a bit of money for marketing and publicity.  These days booklovers are not only in the bookstores browsing the shelves.  They are online.  It has never been easier to connect with them and it has never been easier to create online ads.

At we are building a book marketing campaign management system for authors to use.

"How does it work?"

Register as an author and create a page for your author bio and each book that you have published.

Select the type of ad campaign that suits your needs

We will create ads on various social media networks that run on a schedule, keywords, demographics, countries according to the subject matter of your book.  We will then evaluate the campaign and adjust the details as necessary.  We manage your campaign.

"Will this sell my books?"

This will get booklovers and potential buyers to view your book details and then decide where they want to buy it from.

"Why are the fees not in the thousands of dollars like everyone else?"

The fees are meant to be respectful of author’s marketing budgets.  Also, by running ads on a schedule that targets certain days and times, and not continuously, your dollar goes farther.  You can have your ad run all year sporadically for a low cost rather than for a week at a high cost. 

(why run your ad at 2 am in the UK when you're in a different time zone?)

"That’s a lot of money.  What do you need the money for?"

The money from backers will be used to get our system built and online with a self-serve user interface for authors to create and schedule social media ads.  

·Further develop the website and mobile app for integration of the system, testing, programming

·Self Serve scheduling capability for authors

·Integrating URL shortening

·Kickstarter fees (5%) 


We will be adding the ability to upload book trailer videos!  An exciting and engaging way to promote your book or get a glimpse of what your next favorite book is about!

"What are the rewards?"

We’re running a manual version of the system so we are offering rewards in the form of advertising for your book (or business if you're not an author).

"What if I’m not an author and I want to back your project?"

We’ll make an ad for your business, project, product etc. and run it on social media. 

Help us make book marketing affordable for authors who choose to publish independently.Thanks for your support.