Book Advertising Campaign

January 28, 2015

Promote your book like a pro, gain publicity and reach new audiences.  This is how you achieve book sales.  Book lovers are online and looking for new books to read.  You need to stand out from the crowd and get off the shelf of obscurity.  You have a story to tell so shout it out to the world.

How it works

  1. Register with Booksyeah and choose either the Social Media Campaign or the Maximum Exposure Campaign.
  2. Create an author profile
  3. Create a book page for the book you would like to feature in the ads
  4. We review your submission. Our marketing team will contact you by email and, with your input, create an ad campaign.   Choose ideal times, days, timezone, images and message you would like to display.


Social Media Campaign $25/month

 Approximately 10000 to 20000 views per month

We create text and graphic ads on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Booksyeah Network) and create a schedule for deployment based on the activity level of target audiences.


Maximum Exposure Campaign $50/month

 Approximately 20000 to 50000 views per month

Along with everything in the Social Media Campaign, we create a banner ad that is displayed on the Google Ad Network.