Book Review

March 9, 2015

Book reviews are an important part of marketing a book to potential buyers.  A seal of approval from a book lover or reviewer can create the attention your book needs and authors are appreciative when a reader takes the time to share their opinion and support their work. Book reviews help readers discover new books and new authors they may not have otherwise come across.  In today’s online marketplace it is common for customers to check out any reviews on Amazon or Barnes & Noble prior to making a decision on whether to purchase the book or not.  Book reviews can be shared online quickly and support word of mouth marketing which is an integral part of a book’s success.
Booksyeah is pleased to offer our Book Review Service.  Whether you are intending to publish in the traditional fashion or self-publish you will benefit from the opportunity to have your book critiqued by our reviewers. Booksyeah has partnered with reviewers who have education and experience as English majors, writers, bloggers, publishers, journalists, and other professional reviewers.  All our reviewers are crazy about books.
Get an unbiased, professional review of your book.  You may choose to publish your review on the cover of your book upon publishing, publish it on your Booksyeah author page if you have started one or keep it private for your own information.  You may even want to include it in your letter to an agent or publisher.  The review is yours to do as you wish.




~ Booksyeah Book Review Team